Gift Ideas- Wrapping a Necklace

Hey Friends!

Christmas is over but there are always more gift giving occasions on their way.  Here is an idea of how to wrap a present elegantly.

For Christmas this year, I made necklaces for my mom and my sister-in-law.  They were simple necklaces with the birthstones of each ladies children/grandchildren.

To package them, I cut out a piece of cardstock the size of a small brown box (you can find these at some craft stores).  I then cut some diagonal slits in the top of the paper.

To decorate this, I added a piece of fabric tape and stamped the word mom on it.

You can finish by wrapping another piece of fabric tape around the outside of the box.  You could also stamp on the outside of the box.


Super Mario Terrarium

This past weekend, my husband and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary.  We had a date night complete with a movie and dinner at The Melting Pot.  We also gave gifts.  While I got some lovely roses and chocolates, my husband got this.

He’s a long-time Mario fan and we are both big nerds.  I had been picturing making him this for awhile and even though it’s not very romantic, this was the gift.

I found the glass bowl at the hardware store and filled it with rocks and dirt.  I then added a few succulents, using the most “Mario-looking” ones I could find.

The warp pipe is just a piece of pipe from the hardware store that I painted green.  And I found this Mario figure.  I could only find a small enough figure in a set, but now we just have extra toys.  Can’t go wrong with more toys.

What do you guys think?  I also have an idea to make a Doctor Who themed one, possibly with a TARDIS.  But that one will be for myself…

A Present for Nana

I wanted to share a fun little project that my daughter and I made recently as a birthday gift for my mom.

I photographed it on the piano.  Aren’t I fancy?

I started by cutting out some hearts from contact paper and added them to a wooden canvas.  I also taped the sides to protect them.  Then I nervously let my daughter cover the piece with acrylic paint.  Sadly I didn’t take a picture of the creative process.

I chose a narrow color palette so that if she ended up smearing everything together, it wouldn’t turn into brown mush.  Once the paint was dry, I removed the contact paper and tape.

My daughter was thrilled to give it to nana and nana was thrilled to receive it.