Show Prep and Christmas Ornaments

Tomorrow I will be participating in an art show at a local animal shelter.  After my recent blustery day show, I am pretty excited to be doing an indoor show.

As typically happens, this week I got ideas for several new projects that I wish I could complete by my show.  I started working on some new Christmas ornaments.

I’ve accepted the fact that I won’t get that many done by Saturday so I probably won’t have them out on my display, but I am having lots of fun and am excited to sell them at a future time.


The Evolution of an Idea: Allie and the Dragon

Lately, my daughter has been asking us to tell her stories.  After several stories about princess Allie, I introduced the character of the dragon.  Now she always asks for dragon stories.  I’ve been having so much fun telling the stories, that I really wanted to illustrate some for her.  However my human drawing skills have never been great; animals are my thing.  But I decided that I should try because the worst that can happen is I draw something really ugly.  Here’s a peak at how my sketches have been growing and evolving.  (Please excuse the poor quality of these images- I took them with my cell phone)

Here is the first person I drew out.  She looks about the quality that my daughter would draw.  Okay, maybe a little better.  Her people look like scribbles.

I realized I needed to shift the eyes down a bit and work on proportions.  Better, but still kind of goofy looking (and not in a good way).  Here is my second try.

Third time was the charm.  She looks pretty cute at this point.

Now I moved from my little sketch pad and tried to recreate my drawing on my watercolor paper.  This is typically what I create my final pieces on.

Finally, I added in a dragon.  He ended up looking a bit like a pet dragon, so I drew his tongue hanging out and made him look like he’s staring at that ice cream cone.

So that’s a peak into my process.  The image is still in pencil so I may do a few edits/additions before I add paint and ink. 

What do you guys think?  It’s mostly just for fun and to show my daughter, but I do want to do it well.  The one thing that is troubling me now is that in the stories, the dragon is more of a friend than a pet.  But I thought this could be similar to a Mickey/Pluto kind of relationship.  Thoughts?

New in the Shop: Science Cards

A couple of months ago, I had a custom request for a greeting card made from one of my science paintings.  This inspired me to have several cards printed up.

Lab Rat Card

Guinea Pig Research Card

Cell Culture Card

You can now buy individual cards of each of my science paintings or a 3-pack with one of each.

Notecard Trio

What have you been working on lately?

Sheep Painting

I recently finished a special order for a friend.  She wanted a painting of a sheep with a verse of scripture to hang in her nursery.  This is the finished project.

I’m really happy with it.  I worked long and hard to get it just right.  New moms know exactly what they want so I wanted her to be really pleased.

I struggled with the text and the eyes but am quite happy with how they turned out.  Do you like him?

The Love Story Continues: Hedgehog and Pincushion

I’ve been working on a few more hedgehog and pincushion illustrations lately.   You may have seen the start of their romance in a previous blog post.  Here are their latest adventures.

Hedgehog wants to show pincushion how much he loves her, so he offers her a flower.  He’s still a bit shy.

Next, the celebrate their relationship with a night of dancing.  Doesn’t pincushion look lovely in her tulle skirt?

These will be available in my shop as soon as I have a chance to get them printed up.  I’m also starting to imagine a series of illustrations where they re-enact famous love scenes.  So far I’m picturing a Romeo and Juliet situation with a balcony.  Any other suggestions?