A Present for Nana

I wanted to share a fun little project that my daughter and I made recently as a birthday gift for my mom.

I photographed it on the piano.  Aren’t I fancy?

I started by cutting out some hearts from contact paper and added them to a wooden canvas.  I also taped the sides to protect them.  Then I nervously let my daughter cover the piece with acrylic paint.  Sadly I didn’t take a picture of the creative process.

I chose a narrow color palette so that if she ended up smearing everything together, it wouldn’t turn into brown mush.  Once the paint was dry, I removed the contact paper and tape.

My daughter was thrilled to give it to nana and nana was thrilled to receive it.


Kids Garden and Playhouse

Today I’m very excited to share our latest project for the kiddos.  We finally finished putting up a little playhouse and garden for the kids in the backyard!

For awhile we had been thinking about adding something fun in the backyard for our kids to play with.  Our son is still too young to do much and our daughter is actually pretty happy just running around and looking for rocks but we wanted something for them to grow into.  After a lot of pinterest research, I decided I really liked the idea of a simple little play-space.

Our daughter loves digging in the dirt and “helping” mommy to plant flowers.  So we gave her her own little play garden.  [Note- I took these pictures after finishing up the garden when the kids were in bed.  It will never look this tidy again.]

The playhouse was a gift from Nana and Papa and my husband used some extra wood we had to build the garden frame.  I love that the playhouse has a cute little play kitchen built into it.

I added two little lavender plants that may or may not survive the kid activity.  I also added a little dump truck and some gardening tools.  And of course the rocks that my dear little girls loves to collect.

I’m really really happy with how this turned out.  It’s probably going to result in some very muddy play sessions but I think they will be very joyful muddy play sessions.

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

If you are looking for a quick activity to do with the kiddos, try painting with chalk outside.  If you mix cornstarch, water, and food coloring, it makes a liquid form of sidewalk chalk.  I’m not really the measuring type, so just mix until you find a good consistency.  Then, paint!

Playroom Inspiration

As the playroom continues to take shape, I wanted to give you a glimpse of my design ideas.  I wanted it to feel like sunshine and the great outdoors.

You’ve already seen the table and chair set.

Here is a cloud pillow that I got at Ikea.  He’s just so fluffy and happy!

Finally here is a little art piece that I found at Michael’s.  I love that it ties in creating things for the craft room and then the sunshine of the room’s theme.

Hopefully that helps inspire you today!  I’ll share more as the room is completed!  I never knew how long a project could take, until I tried to get it done with two little kids around.