Pregnant Moose- An Ode to My Son

A little over a year ago, I found out I was pregnant with my sweet baby boy.  I was excited and nervous.  I was also awkward and nauseated.  At one point, while trying to climb into the bathtub, I told my husband I felt like a pregnant moose.  Since it was late at night and we were already sleep-deprived from our very active toddler, we laughed hysterically.  This led to a conversation about all the things “pregnant moose” couldn’t fit into.  Eventually, this got translated into paintings.

Here is the original, poor pregnant moose trying to fit in her bathtub.  Her muscles are sore and she just wants to relax.  Too bad her belly is so big.

Next, poor pregnant moose is realizing her clothes no longer fit.  I wonder if there is a moose maternity store?

Now for all of you out there saying, “Hey!  Wait a minute! Female moose don’t have antlers!”  You’re absolutely right.  But I couldn’t picture pregnant moose without them.  So I looked it up and found that hormonal changes can occasionally cause female moose to grow antlers.  I decided that if hormones can cause pregnant humans to drool excessively, my moose could grow antlers. 

I’m hoping to turn these into a series of greeting cards.  But please, only for your friends with a good sense of humor; not everyone wants to be reminded how big they are.


Initial Art

Pretty much since we moved into our house, I’ve wanted to put a big piece of statement art above our bed.  This weekend, it’s finally finished.

I started with some wooden letters from Michaels.  I covered them with some textured scrapbook paper using Mod Podge.

Next I painted the letters with a medium shade of silver metallic paint.  Then I layered on some Mod Podge to add a bit of texture.  After that dried, I added some shading using lighter metallic paint on the top and darker metallic paint along the edges.

Finally, my husband hung them on the wall along with a large frame (also from Michaels).  I’m really happy with the final results.

Science Nerd Art

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m a huge nerd.  I have a degree in molecular biology.  I have a TARDIS in my living room.  I think logic puzzles are fun.

I’m also a big fan of puns.  My dad is the king of puns and he passed on his sense of humor to me.

So what do you get when you combine these two things together with a little bit of paint?  This:

Cell Culture

Guinea Pig Research

Lab Rat

 You’re welcome universe.  Prints are available in my shop.

Peacock Cards

Hey All! 

I just wanted to share some new cards I posted in my etsy shop.  I made these using a print of one of my paintings from the 30×30 show.

Peacock Card

This was the first painting I did in that series and I was really happy with it.  Happy as in, I don’t think I could ever sell the original.  But thanks to a local print shop, I can share my work with the world.

Note Card Sets

Also, if you are in the area, I will be selling my work at a local show in Duvall, WA this weekend.  Stop by and say hi!